STC Dip Spin



STC Dip Spin equipment coats these parts and many others.

How We Partner

How We Partner

The Strength of Partnership

STC Dip Spin and PRAB Wastewater Treatment

Your partnership with us means you are working with an experienced group of professionals who understands your industry and knows how to deliver on the process expectations you set. STC Dip Spin works with PRAB Wastewater Treatment to bring you the best coating and mechanical wastewater treatment equipment and systems; designed specifically for your application. Together we are part of the KMC Global Group of Companies, a group of wholly-owned, autonomous companies which design and manufacturer equipment that enhances how industry processes materials and substances.

PRAB Wastewater Treatment has served the metalforming and surface treatment industries for more than 65 years. Our equipment is engineered and built to provide mechanical options to achieve water usage reduction, limit waste haul away, and reclaim and recycle solids and water for reuse. Our engineers will work to understand your operational and waste reduction goals and we will review your water analysis. Using this data, we will design and build a comprehensive water treatment system that will deliver on your objectives.