Electric Drive Retrofit

Electric Drive Retrofit

Model S24 Retrofit

Convert your hydraulically driven Dip Spin Unit with an electric drive motor for faster acceleration and deceleration for coating consistency. Hold the pre-programmed RPM +/- 1 RPM, every cycle. For example we would convert your existing Model 24 with a 30 hp. electric motor; capable of achieving 325 RPM’s is less than 3 seconds.

Included in this package are the following components:

  • All New 30 hp. Electric Drive Motor controlled with a variable frequency drive
  • Heavy Duty Spin and Drive Assemblies complete with New Basket Locks
  • Complete Electrical Control Panel with Industrial PC
  • Complete MAC Valving
  • Start Up and Training at your facility


Electric Drive Conversion Benefits

  • Dial in a desired RPM and hold within +/- 1 RPM. Better quality supplied to your customer! Consistently coated product.
  • Electric Drive includes a “slow” spin sequence for accurate alignment of the detent – eliminating downtime and reducing replacement parts costs!
  • Ethernet connection for online troubleshooting, diagnostics, and on-the-fly program changes
  • Three position “closed-center” MAC pilot operated valves – If an emergency stop occurs, all motions freeze – putting the operator and technicians’ safety first
  • Reduced cycle time – Greater throughput
  • Less Mess and Ease of Operation as opposed to the hydraulic drives


Contact Tim Hanna, Product Manager at 269-569-8150 for details.