Rebuild Service

Rebuild Service

Before Rebuild

STC Dip Spin Rebuild - Before

The photograph to the left is a good example of a dilapidated piece of equipment– circa 1983. A Model S16 – Semi Automatic. This particular piece of equipment had a great foundation to justify a rebuild; solid framework, the lift was in good condition and the spin platform was functional after all the countless shifts of production. This was a cost effective method to convert this air-driven Dip Spin to a consistent 5 hp. electric motor achieving up to 400 RPM’s +/- 1 RPM every cycle. We also added a completely new electrical control panel to include PLC, MAC valve stack (s), and drive assembly.

Following Rebuild

Model S16 Following Rebuild - FrontModel S16 Following Rebuild - Back


STC Dip Spin requests the opportunity to work with you to rebuild as little, or completely overhaul your current Dip Spin Line.


Contact Tim Hanna, Product Manager at 269-569-8150 for details.