Model 10 Series

Model 10 Series

STC Dip Spin Model Series 10 Equipment Photo


  • 10″ (25cm) Diameter Basket
  • 25 lbs. / 0.20 Cubic Ft. Capacity
  • 2.5 square foot (.232 meter2) Footprint
  • Short-Run, Prototype, Lab Machine

Operational Procedures

Model S10 Manual

The model S10 basket is manually loaded by the operator with a basket weight/volume capacity of 25 lbs./0.20 cubic feet per cycle. Once the basket is at the desired capacity, the operator manually inserts the basket onto the spin platform, locks the basket into place, closes the door, and uses the air operated hand valves to control the dip, spin, drive, and brake functions. The manual machine is best suited in a short run application. Average cycle time is two (2) minutes. Note – Reference the S10 semi-automatic machine, if repeatability is your goal.

Model S10 Semi-Automatic

Similarities to the manual model 10 include: the same footprint, basket capacity, and load/unload procedure. The model 10 semi-automatic has a stand alone control panel with PLC and operator interface. One difference is the repeatability between both models. The manual model is a very helpful machine in an R & D environment, no two jobs are the same, your part sizes vary, and the coating is changed often. Unlike the manual machine, the S10 semi-automatic allows you (the operator) to set the desired dip and spin times. Simply load the basket and depress the green button to start the cycle. Average cycle time is two (2) minutes. The semi-automatic machine consistently coats parts the way you and your customer want them to be coated.


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