STC Dip Spin



STC Dip Spin equipment coats these parts and many others.

Model 16 Series

Model 16 Series

Model S16


  • 16″ (25cm) Diameter Basket
  • 150 lbs. / 1 Cubic Ft. Capacity
  • 4,500 lbs / 2,041 kg per Hour Output
  • Low to High Volume Machine – Manual to Automatic


Operational Procedures

Model S16 S/A (Semi-Automatic)

The S16 S/A is a semi-automatic machine with a basket weight capacity of 150 lbs. and a useable volume of one (1) cubic foot. Average cycle time is two to three minutes. The basket is manually loaded and locked into place. The operator then depresses the start button to automatically cycle the dip spin sequence. Once this sequence is complete the operator unlocks the basket, removes, unloads, and reloads the product. The basket is typically shuttled in and out of the machine with the aid of an overhead hoist (not included).

Model S16A with Rollover Style Basket

The model S16A (an intermediate product coater) is an automatic machine with a basket weight capacity of 150 lbs. and a useable volume of one (1) cubic foot. The basket automatically shuttles to and from the dip spin area. The basket then unloads by automatically rolling over. Average cycle time is two minutes.

Model S16 AD Automatic Drop

The S16AD is an automatic 16 with the exception of the method in which the parts are unloaded. The 16AD has a drop bottom style basket, a mechanism automatically releases the latch and the bottom swings in a downward fashion allowing the parts to cascade directly onto the desired surface. This type of machine is designed for soft handling and the reduction of thread damage. Average cycle time is two (2) minutes with a maximum of 150 pounds and one (1) cubic foot allowance per basket.


Contact Pat Burgio, Regional Sales Manager at 269-569-7330 for details.