Model 24 Series

Model 24 Series

Model S24


  • 24″ (61cm) Diameter Basket
  • 350 lbs. / 2 Cubic Ft. per Cycle Capacity
  • 12,000 lbs / 5,440 kg per Hour Output
  • Electric Drive / Tilt Tumble

Operational Procedures

Model S24A with Rollover Style Basket

The model S24A (standard line of equipment) is an automatic machine with a basket weight capacity of 350 lbs. and a useable volume of 2-3 cubic feet. The basket automatically shuttles to and from the dip spin area. The basket then unloads by automatically rolling over. Average cycle time is two (2) minutes.

Model S24B with Rollover Style Basket

The model S24B has a slightly higher production rate than the standard 24A (automatic) machine. This unit utilizes a two-basket carousel that loads/unloads one basket while the other basket is being dipped and spun simultaneously. Production rate: 30 to 40 dip spin cycles per hour at a maximum of 350 pounds and two (2) cubic feet allowance per basket.

Model S24AD Automatic Drop

The S24AD is an automatic 24 with the exception of the method in which the parts are unloaded. The 24AD has a drop bottom style basket, a mechanism automatically releases the latch and the bottom swings in a downward fashion allowing the parts to cascade directly onto the desired surface. This type of machine is designed for soft handling and the reduction of thread damage. Average cycle time is two (2) minutes with a maximum of 350 pounds and 2-3 cubic feet allowance per basket.

Model S24THADD Twin Handler with Deep Drop

The S24THADD is the highest production machine in the 24″ series. This automatic machine utilizes an in-line material handler with a dip spin coating booth at each end. The basket is loaded and unloaded in a central position on the material handler. The electric trolley shuttles the baskets to and from the coating booths. One basket is being loaded and shuttled to the booth, while the other basket is extracted and ready to unload the coated product. Each basket has a useable volume of three (3) cubic feet and 350 pound maximum weight. This machine cycles 40 to 50 baskets per hour.

Model S24ATT Deep Dip Spin with Tilt/Tumble

The S24ATT is the latest development of dip spin technology to date. This machine addresses a common problem in the finishing industry: recessed areas, most commonly referred to as head/thread-fill and inside diameters. This is accomplished by tilting the basket. The basket can be tilted up to 90° and spun simultaneously either in or out of the coating depending upon the process criteria. Slow spinning in the coating (up to 45°, 0-20 rpm) helps achieve a uniform finish on those hard to coat areas. Slow spinning out of the coating (up to 90°) tumbles the product over itself to reduce any air pockets that can form products to be coated have recessed features. The tilt/tumble mode increases average cycle time to three (3) minutes. Bypassing the tilt/tumble mode reduces average cycle time to two (2) minutes. Standard basket payloads are 3 cubic feet and 350 pounds. Our standard 30 HP spin drive can accelerate/decelerate the basket in three (3) seconds. Maximum speed is 350 RPM.

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