Model 32 Series

Model 32 Series

Model S32


  • 32″ (81cm) Diameter Basket
  • 600 lbs. / 6 Cubic Ft. per Cycle Capacity
  • 24,000 lbs / 10,800 kg per Hour Output
  • Electric Drive / Tilt Tumble


Operational Procedures

Model S32AD Automatic Drop

The S32AD is an automatic machine, the largest of all production equipment we manufacture. With a maximum useable volume of six (6) cubic feet and weight capacity of 600 pounds, this product coater is sure to meet your production requirements. The 32AD has a drop bottom style basket. A mechanism automatically releases a latch on opposite sides of the basket. The split bottom swings from the center in a downward fashion, allowing the parts to cascade directly onto the desired surface. This type of machine is designed for soft handling and the reduction of thread damage. Average cycle time is two (2) minutes. The model S32 is driven by a 75 hp. motor.


Contact Tim Hanna, Regional Sales Manager at (269) 569-8150 for details.