Dip Spin Equipment



  • High throughput / minimal floor space requirement
  • High quality, consistent coating with soft material handling
  • Tilt tumble process for reduced headfill / threadfill
  • Part number programmability / internet based diagnostics
  • Several basket configurations for optimal performance
  • Stay full and temperature control


General Product Descriptions

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Model 10 Series

The Model S10 comes in a manual and a semi-automatic machine. The basket is 10” diameter x 10” deep (.2 cubic foot). Useable depth is 7-8”. Cycle time is two (2) minutes.

Model 16 Series

The Model S16 comes in a semi-automatic to a fully automatic machine. The basket is 16” diameter x 12” deep (1 cubic foot). Useable depth is 8-9”. Cycle time is two (2) minutes. Automatic load and unload systems can be added to the automatic models.

Model 24 Series

The model S24 comes in a semi-automatic to a fully automatic design. The basket is 24” in diameter X 12” to 18” deep (2-3 cubic feet) with a variety of tilt tumble, loading and unloading options. Depending on your application we can also offer multiple basket handling for maximum output exceeding 10,000 pounds of coated product per hour.

Model 32 Series

The S32AD is an automatic machine, the largest of all production equipment we manufacture. With a maximum useable volume of six (6) cubic feet and weight capacity of 600 pounds, this product coater is sure to meet your production requirements.


Automatic Tilt/Tumble Flow Through Spin System

Our Flow Thru Dip Spin System dramatically increases throughput and efficiency while eliminating the possibility of part contamination by entering one side of the coating booth and exiting the other. There is no chance for un-coated product to be mixed with coated product. We offer the shortest cycle time on the market today (105 seconds) with the capability of tilting to 45º in the coating and 90º out of the coating.

  • Model 32 Flow Thru processes up to 20,000 lbs. per hour in either standard or the tilt / tumble mode.
  • Model 24 Flow Thru processes over 12,000 lbs. per hour in either standard or the tilt / tumble mode.
  • Flow Thru System is equipped with our Direct Electric Drive for faster acceleration / deceleration and coating consistency.
  • Soft material handling starting with bulk parts feed system, basket loading, and the unloading of parts onto the oven belt.


Contact Tim Hanna, Regional Sales Manager at (269) 569-8150 for details.