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SALES: 877-705-4931
PARTS & SERVICE: 800-493-3462

Electric Drive Retrofit

Convert your hydraulically driven Dip Spin Unit with an electric drive motor for faster acceleration and deceleration for coating consistency. Hold the pre-programmed RPM +/- 1 RPM, every cycle. For example we would convert your existing Model 24 with a 30 hp. electric motor; capable of achieving 325 RPM’s is less than 3 seconds.

Included in this package are the following components:

  • All New 30 hp. Electric Drive Motor controlled with a variable frequency drive
  • Heavy Duty Spin and Drive Assemblies complete with New Basket Locks
  • Complete Electrical Control Panel with Industrial PC
  • Complete MAC Valving
  • Start Up and Training at your facility

Electric Drive Conversion Benefits

  • Dial in a desired RPM and hold within +/- 1 RPM. Better quality supplied to your customer! Consistently coated product.
  • Electric Drive includes a “slow” spin sequence for accurate alignment of the detent – eliminating downtime and reducing replacement parts costs!
  • Ethernet connection for online troubleshooting, diagnostics, and on-the-fly program changes
  • Three position “closed-center” MAC pilot operated valves – If an emergency stop occurs, all motions freeze – putting the operator and technicians’ safety first
  • Reduced cycle time – Greater throughput
  • Less Mess and Ease of Operation as opposed to the hydraulic drives
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