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SALES: 877-705-4931
PARTS & SERVICE: 800-493-3462
October 20, 2021

Turnkey Systems

Turnkey System

Turnkeystems can be custom designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing manufacturing process. Contact us to discuss your options and to see how we can match your flow rate.

Today STC Dip Spin provides a turnkey approach to your coating needs. Integrating the dip spin technique into your entire process. Our customers around the world provide quality coated products to the auto industry and other major manufactures. We can help you identify your needs and oversee the entire installation. Even working with other manufactures to successfully integrate our dip spin machines with oscillatory equipment. Providing state of the art software systems for your coating operation is a process that should be trusted to experience, the kind of experience our company has built up through the years. STC technologies offer fully integrated systems or standalone machines.

Sample Turnkey Systems Layouts

Turnkey Coat and Cure S16 Tray Style Single Machine: Download PDF

Turnkey Coat and Cure S24 Tray Style Double Machine: Download PDF

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