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SALES: 877-705-4931
PARTS & SERVICE: 800-493-3462
October 20, 2021

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Mechanical treatment of rinse water to continuously achieve proper concentrations within baths at each stage of your process means your costs decrease while productivity and quality increase.


Implementing a comprehensive, automatically monitored, environmentally-friendly, and cost effective water treatment system for rinse baths, parts cleaning, and other surface treatment applications is critical for the output of high-quality parts. The benefits of a water treatment program are;

  • Cost Reduction – Reduce haul away and discharge sewer costs
  • Regulatory Compliance – Ranging from EPA to POTW, to insurance premiums
  • Increased Uptime and Productivity – When water treatment is optimized and monitored effectively, downtime is mitigated due to chemical or concentration imbalance
  • Improve Health & Safety of Employees – Improved morale, reduced workers compensation claims, greater productivity
  • Enhanced Environmental Stewardship – Employees, shareholders, communities and other stakeholders positively identify with companies as good environmental stewards

Discover your full-range of mechanical water treatment options and see how partnering with PRAB can produce quantifiable savings and increased profitability to your operations.


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