STC Dip Spin equipment and systems are proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. We have served coaters and part manufacturers across a wide range of industries for more than 40 years. Our experience in coating applications for Aerospace, Automotive, Off-Road, Military, and Transportation is why the coating industry partners with us and why coaters and parts manufacturers trust us. Your Dip Spin equipment can deliver 98% uptime efficiency, providing greater productivity and output capacity. Thank you for visiting our site, we look forward to serving your coating needs.

Serving the Finishing Industry with the Right Equipment for the Job

STC Dip Spin offers an extensive line of Dip Spin coating equipment to meet your job requirements. From small laboratory units designed to handle prototype work as well as small batch, high production jobs, to fully automated, high production machines. STC Dip Spin can also provide complete turnkey centrifugal coating systems, from pre-treatment through the curing process.

Dip Spin is method of applying a thin coating on small parts using centrifugal force to control film thicknesses. The force generated by the high rate of basket speed allows for consistent, even coating in a short period of time. As the spinning process ends the basket begins to slow and is removed from the rotating chamber while still in motion. This allows for the paint or coating to safely drain from the parts and basket. For larger, turnkey systems the parts are then emptied into a tray or placed directly onto the curing oven belt.

Model 10


The Model 10 Series is best suited in short run applications and has a basket weight capacity of 25 lbs. and usable volume of 0.20 ft³ (per cycle).


Model 32

UP TO 24,000 LBS/HR

The Model 32 Series has a basket weight capacity of up to 600 lbs. and a usable volume of up to 6 ft³ (per cycle)


Model 16

UP TO 4,500 LBS/HR

The Model 16 Series has a basket weight capacity of up to 150 lbs. and a usable volume of up to 1 ft³ (per cycle).



UP TO 16,530 LBS/HR

Advanced 2-basket planetary coating system with a basket weight capacity of up to 275 lbs. per basket (550 lbs per cycle).


Model 24

UP TO 12,000 LBS/HR

The Model 24 Series has a basket weight capacity of up to 350 lbs. and a usable volume of up to 3 ft³ (per cycle)


Partner with STC Dip Spin and PRAB

Global Manufacturers of Parts Coating and Wastewater Treatment Equipment


How We


STC Dip Spin and PRAB Wastewater Treatment

As part of the KMC Global Group of Companies, STC Dip Spin and PRAB Wastewater Treatment deliver engineered systems that optimize your coating process and reduce costs associated with water usage and treatment. See how STC and PRAB partner together with you to realize savings and gain efficiencies from your finishing, plating, or coating operations.


Surface Treatment Industry


Surface Treated Parts

We understand your wastewater treatment needs. Our decades of experience in finishing applications and industrial wastewater treatment will help you achieve POTW (Public Owned Treatment Works) requirements, reduce operating costs, and improve EH&S compliance of regulations.


Recycle & Reuse Rinse Water through


Dip Spin System

Mechanical treatment of rinse water to continuously achieve proper concentrations within baths at each stage of your process means your costs decrease while productivity and quality increase. See how PRAB Wastewater Treatment systems can improve your bottom line.